Service days continue

Six homeowners benefited from more than 40 volunteers from Hope Village during February’s day of service.

Volunteers from Trinity Lutheran Church in Sawyer, Minot Air Force Base, Bethany Lutheran Church, Minot, and elsewhere congregated at Hope Village to gather their assignments and then dispersed to homes in Minot and Burlington on Feb. 23 to assist homeowners in the rebuild.

In Burlington, volunteers from Hope Lutheran Church, of Burlington, hung sheet rock for an overjoyed homeowner as her yellow Labrador retriever greeted the workers.

A team, primarily made up of volunteers from Minot AFB, a regular source of Hope Village volunteers, worked on insulating the walls and ceiling of an elderly couple’s home. One team member who had been scheduled to leave insisted on staying, saying, “I came here to do a job, and I’m not leaving until it’s done.”

Elsewhere, volunteers with carpentry experience were put to work in other flooded homes, installing heat registers, medicine cabinets, handrails, baseboards and a china cabinet door, much to the relief of the homeowner.

“It was a wonderful day. Having those volunteers here brought love and hope into my home,” said the homeowner, who even got a repaired dryer vent out of the day.

In contrast to the bitterly cold weather during January’s service day, the sun shone on Feb. 23, making it warm enough to lay tar paper on a roof and staple house wrap on one home. Another had a firewall repaired with assistance from a volunteer who had worked with Hope Village previously.

Other volunteers on the day included flooded homeowners who had previously repaired their homes and a local home builder.

Hope Village coordinates rebuild jobs for local and out-of-town volunteers. The homeowners served have gone through a caseworker system and consist of elderly, disabled and otherwise vulnerable people who cannot return to their homes without assistance.

Although volunteers are welcome any time, the next day of service will be March 16. To sign up, call 500-5206.

Linley Wartenberg, Minot