Wednesday Dispositions

Disorderly conduct Crystal Marie Marmon, 30, 1015-27th St. SE, Unit 10, $200 fine, $25 court fee.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Priscilla Cristy Difo, 26, 1710-13th St. SE, Unit 109, $100 fine, $25 court fee; Jeremiah Johnson Macaulay, 19, Minot, $250 fine, $25 court fee, $250 fine, $25 court fee; Leslie Dawshell Sanders, 41, Vicksburg, Miss., $350 fine, $25 court fee, 10 days suspended; Hilario Suarez, 30, 1730-1st St. SW, Unit 9, $250 fine, $25 court fee.

Liability insurance required Ryan Kelly Grey, 39, 300-16th Ave. SW, Unit 11, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Jose Luis Rodriguez-Albino, 34, 1015-27th St. SE, Unit 35, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Daniel Jacob Squires, 25, 505-4th St. NW, $150 fine, $25 court fee.

Possession of marijuana Jeremy Ryan Brown, 21, 2809-5th St. SW, Unit 3, $350 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation.

Bench warrant for disobeying court order Alan Blayne Oldson, 18, 117-21st St., attend minor in possession seminar, three days, three days suspended; Dillon Joseph Phipps, 19, Velva, attend minor in possession seminar.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Nicholas Orin Condos, 23, 3320-8th St. NE, attend minor in possession seminar, 10 days, credit for two days, eight days suspended; Roger Lee Tallie, 31, 112-8th Ave. NW, 10 days suspended; Nicholas Afton Youngbird, 21, 3100-11th Ave. SE, Unit B29, 30 days suspended.