Fair Board doesn’t get it

Johnnie Gorthy, Minot

I was so sad to hear that the State Fair Board is going to evict the Historical Society from its present site, which they have occupied for longer than most of us can remember. We North Dakotans hold our heritage and history very close to our hearts.

The Historical Society is in the perfect place so we all have access while in Minot. We can take our kids/grandkids there so they can see and touch firsthand the many things on display there. They don’t get that learning experience from looking at pictures in a book. The Historical Society operates on a very limited budget so moving all the buildings and trying to purchase any land in the immediate area would be impossible given the price of land. Plus if they could move out of town that is where they would be. Out of town and not accessible to so many of the people who like to visit the grounds they are on now.

So when you hear the word “move” please replace it with “destroy” because that is what will happen. Our Historical Society will disappear forever and take a large part of what made this area what it is today. Please contact the members on the State Fair Board and let them know you don’t want them to evict the Historical Society. It has been a part of this community for a very long time and we can’t let it just disappear.