The magic of Minot

Arlene Saugstad, Minot

It has been said that “No Man is an Island.” The same could be said of a woman, case in point me. On Feb. 17 of this year, the Brass Band of Minot, directed by Gordon Troxel, honored me for my involvement in the cultural life in Minot with songs that I loved, especially those of Frank Sinatra, at their concert at the MSU Ann Nicole Nelson Hall. During the afternoon, the Minot Nodakords, white suited quartet, Dakota Blend serenaded me and presented me with a rose. Dr. John Fishpaw, Mouse River Players president, highlighted my cultural achievements and City Councilman George Withus, representing Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelman (who was out of town), on behalf of the city of Minot, recognized me by presenting a framed proclamation citing my “involvement in the culture life of Minot which served to add to the quality of life and send a beacon of light for future Minot citizens.” I share this honor with all of you as we worked and played hard to help make the magic that is Minot. Recognition is a bonus for my years in the Minot area since 1943. Being part of the magic, the gathering of my extended “family,” all of you have contributed to make Minot so magical. Please share this Feb. 17 recognition with me.

There’s still more magic to be made. Let’s make it Artspace. It’s being born in downtown Minot as I write this. Let’s together be a part of yet another piece of culture in the Magic City of Minot.

A special thanks to The Minot Daily News for the super coverage that made the day special for me.

Warm thanks and hugs to every one of you special friends.