Monday Dispositions

Drove or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence Kevin Todd Baker, 48, 3100-11th Ave. SE, Unit B7, $650 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, attend victim impact panel, enroll in 24/7 state sobriety program for 60 days, 30 days, 25 days suspended; Samuel Timothy Crum, 58, Milpitas, Calif., $400 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation.

Simple assault – domestic violence Tod Alan Stankovich, 44, 1015-27th St. SE, Unit 46, $500 fine, $25 court fee, 15 days, 10 days suspended, also possession of marijuana, $300 fine.

Petty theft to $250 Julia Marie Davis, 21, Bismarck, $150 costs; Nicole Marie Rogers, 24, Minot, $150 fine, $25 court fee.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Joseph Recardo Barnes, 33, 6211-9th St. NE, $500 fine, $25 court fee, four days, credit for three days, also striking highway fixtures, $150 fine; Jessica Leigh Besselman, 34, 1108-11th Ave. NW, Unit 5, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee; Terry Hugh Clark, 48, 310-2nd St. SE, Unit 1216, $200 fine, $25 court fee, also bench warrant for failure to appear for court appearance, $180; Lynn Alan Green, 52, 2 S. Main St., Unit 1B, $400 fine, $25 court fee; Tyler Larence Starkey, 21, 4629 Tuttle Ave., $500 fine, $25 court fee, six days, credit for three days.

Bench warrant for failure to appear for trial Trevor Michael Johnson, 21, 920-15th Ave. SE, $50 fine.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Kannon Douglas Langley, 22, 1405-8th St. NW, Unit 26, five days, credit for three days; Deangelo Cornelius McKee, 24, 700 Walders St., Unit 1, four days, credit for two days.

Bench warrant for failure to appear for counseling Daimeon Ernest Simmons, 28, 1510-35th Ave. SE, Unit 103, $200 court fee.

Unlawful possession of alcohol Alyssa Lynn Anderson, 18, Page, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Reed Buhr Erickson, 20, Buffalo, $200 fine, $25 court fee; Tyler Dean Smith, 19, Tower City, $150 fine, $25 court fee, attend minor in possession seminar; Wade Eugene Steidl, 19, Fingal, $150 fine, $25 court fee.