Wednesday Dispositions

Petty theft up to $250 fine Deran Ronald Thomas, 50, 3205-4th St. SW, Unit 33, $300 fine, $25 court fee, 30 days suspended for one year, also bench warrant for failure to pay fines.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Magrath Kenneth Keelan, 30, 4901-17th Ave. SE, $250 fine, $25 court fee; Nathan Nicholas Miller, 29, Golden Nugget Mobile Home Court, Unit D-10, $500 fine, $25 court fee, also bench warrant for failure to pay fines, 30 days suspended; Cole Allen Schnee, Wahepton, $350 fine, $25 court fee, four days, also bench warrant for failure to appear for counseling, $150 fine; Ronald Stanley Thompson, 53, 221 S. Main St., Unit 14, $500 fine, four days, credit for two days; Shawn Lee Yeahquo, 26, 519-16th St. NW, $250 fine, $25 court fee, 10 days suspended for 60 days.

Drove with canceled or revoked altered plate or card Carlton Alexander Warren, 54, 3407-11th St. SE, $150 fine, $25 court fee.

Liability insurance required Adam Michael Omvig, 32, 1352-27th St. SE, Unit 152, five days.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Shannon Royal Brunelle, 23, Minot, $150 fine, 30 days suspended; Joseph Spirgin Lee Harris, 29, 2069-14th St. NW, five days suspended.

Unlawful possession of alcohol Cody Dillon Orvik, 19, Wahepton, $150 fine, $25 court fee.