Skarpohl’s letter wrong

Kim Albert, Minot

I was disappointed to say the least in the letter from Rep. Bob Skarpohl, who clearly hasn’t done his homework. His words like “absurdity of the students,” “ridiculous at best” and “totally inappropriate” show how Skarpohl is out of touch with the university system. The words “ridiculous at best” does however accurately describe Skarpohl’s letter.

If you are in the oil business, it would be appropriate for you to be involved in issues involving oil. If you are in the auto business, it would be appropriate for you be involved in the auto issues. So, if you are a student would it not be appropriate for you to be involved in education issues? So tell me again, Mr. Skarpohl, why is it “totally inappropriate” for students to be involved in this issue that directly impacts them?

Rep. Skarpohl, since you are in the questioning mood, I need to ask, have you questioned the State Board of Higher Ed on why they hired someone that had been fired from his two previous jobs and then paid him $350,000 a year? Did you ask the SBHE if Chancellor Hamid Shirvani who has had votes of no confidence at his previous employment was really the best candidate in our nationwide search? Did you ask the SBHE if it thought it was hypocritical for the chancellor to want college presidents to sign a contract he wouldn’t sign?

Rep. Skarpohl have you asked the SBHE how the “Pathway to Success” plan will improve the quality of education? I asked the SBHE that question and the answer I received was fallacious. May I suggest that before you defend this bogus plan, that perhaps you should study it. The plan does not improve the quality of education, it alters the completion rate percentage by eliminating opportunities for students to enter a four-year college of their choice. It also creates false enrollment numbers for all the colleges and universities.

I would go into detail of the “Pathway to Success” plan and its many flaws but clearly you are not interested in knowing the facts. Clearly you’re more interested in blindly endorsing anything the SBHE want to do, whether it makes sense or not.

With all due respect, sir, your letter was “totally inappropriate” and “ridiculous at best.”