Can’t trust city again

Gary Panasuk, Minot

Well, here we go again, with more promises of flood protection and property tax relief. The city of Minot got 1 cent on the dollar in taxes after the 1969 flood and paid tens of millions of dollars for flood protection. How did that work out for the citizens of Minot and surrounding areas? I got a 6-foot swimming pool on the main level and a $160,000 bill to rebuild. Awesome! My property taxes have never gone down. It’s the same song and dance from the city. Pretty soon we should be paying nothing for property tax with all the 10 percent and 15 percent cuts for property tax relief.

So since you council members figure we need a new tax, I will explain to you why people rebuilt. Lots of people maybe had their home paid for or almost paid for so instead of paying $300,000 for a home people spent a $100,000 plus to fix their flooded home. Not sure what you expect buyout people to do when you can’t pay them. It’s been over a year! Just fix the dikes we have and actually manage the dams. Quit hiring engineers. Don’t we have our own engineers? Why do we pay them?

You got many millions from HUD in CDBG funds to help flood protection, not build parking lots downtown and sewer lines for people on the hill in northeast Minot. That is not what that is supposed to be used for; it should be used for fixing and repairing flooded areas and damage.

This flood has destroyed peoples lives and businesses and you cannot tell me there was not any deaths. People died of suicide, stress, and many divorces. I think the people should be able to vote for raising taxes or adding taxes. People, may we remind you that it has been over a year and nothing has been done. You want more tax money for that kind of flood protection. You taxed us once for flood protection and look what happened.You cannot be trusted again. Somebody needs to pay attention.