Learn the fundamentals of fishing with new book

The key to fishing, say the experts at In-Fisherman, is the ability of an angler to follow a simple formula – Fish plus Location plus Presentation equals Success.

In-Fishermen recently released a book titled “Fishing Fundamentals,” which emphasizes the formula that was developed at In-Fisherman many years ago. In-Fisherman was founded by fishing legends Al and Ron Lindner and has produced countless books, DVDs and television programs about fishing.

“Fishing Fundamentals” was written by Chuck Nelson and the staff at In-Fisherman. Although it was published for the purpose of teaching new fishermen the basics of the sport, even experienced anglers will learn something new by reading the publication.

As the title implies, the book covers a great deal of information of interest to beginning anglers. The “F+L+P=S” formula is broken down and analyzed so that the concept is easily understood by the reader. Where to fish, how to fish, and what equipment to select is all part of what is covered in the book.

Furthermore, the book discusses several varieties of North American fish from how to recognize them to how to play them once they are on the hook. There’s even advice on how to prepare fish for the table, how to cook them and tips on etiquette and safety.

The book keeps the approach to fishing simple, taking new anglers through the process step by step, making it a very usable publication for anyone who intends to pick up a fishing rod and spend time on the bank or on the water.