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Area students take part in piano festival

The National Federation’s Gold Cup Festival, sponsored by the Minot Piano Teachers Club, was held at Minot State University on March 9. More than 300 participants performed in several events.

Earning small gold cups worth 15 points for their piano solos were: Leah Feland, Antler; Natalie Helfrich and Erika Neshem, Berthold; Erica Moen, Foxholm; Ericka Hager, Harvey; Kendra Brekhus, Kenmare; Sydney Berg, Cara Donavan, Margaret Huettl, Abbie McKay, McKenzie Olson, Elizabeth Parton, Jason Putt, William Tennyson, Madison Wagenman and Karolynn Winger, all Minot; Elijah Ellingson, Sherwood; Jordan Engh, Tolley; and Leland Moen, Upham.

Earning small gold cups in the piano concerto event were: Caleb Hoverson, Burlington; and Jeremy Dockter, Paul Eapen and Maggie Sem, all Minot.

Earning a small gold cup for their piano solos in the Lynn Freeman Olson event were: Lydia Hoverson and Paige Mattick, both Burlington; and Gavin Argent, Brooklyn Benno and Rhone Nelson, all Minot.

In the Hymn Playing event, earning small cups were: Quincie Mattick, Burlington; and Bryer Samuelson, Minot.

Earning a small cup in the violin solo event was Elizabeth Tin-Maung, Minot.

Earning medium cups worth 30 or more points in the piano solo event were: Lindsey Vangsness, Berthold; John Hoverson and Benjamin VanBerkom, both Burlington; Jerissa Brockel, Hurdsfield; Faith Dosch, Maddock; Natalie Couture, Megan Doering, Paul Eapen, Madison Frueh, Brooklyn Johnson, Tara Troxel and Katy Verbitsky, all Minot; and Stephen Ellingson, Sherwood.

In the Lynn Freeman Olson event, earning a medium cup was Chinaza Udekwe.

Earning medium cups in the hymn playing event were: Kristian Hoverson and Cord Redding, Burlington; Jerissa Brockel, Hurdsfield; and Brooklyn Johnson, Minot.

Gold cups worth 45 or more points were earned by: Maighdline Berg, Bottineau; Claire Anderson and Jaydin Risovi, Harvey; Shelby Bigelow, Makoti; Douglas Angell Jr., Tiffany Dostert, Delaney Huss, Jessica Nelson and Elizabeth Tin-Maung, all Minot; and Madeline Solemsaas, Sherwood.

Earning 60 point cups were Maren Livingston, Minot, and Whitney Lee, Plaza.

Earning a cup worth 75 points was Minot native Jasmine Percell, currently attending college in Boston.

NDSU to offer square foot gardening class

A square foot gardening class will be offered on Thursday, April 25, and Thursday, May 16, from 6 to 8 p.m. at North Central Research Extension Center, located south of Minot on U.S. Highway 83.

“Square foot gardens let you enjoy fresh vegetables right from your own backyard, with less space, less work and more produce than a traditional row garden,” according to a press release for North Dakota State University Extension Agent Paige Brummund. “They are perfect gardens for those who live in town and have a small yard, or for those who don’t have the time to manage a big row garden.”

Brummund will show participants how to create and care for a square-foot garden. Nutritionists will also discuss the proper care of fresh vegetables and tell about their nutritional value.

The class is free but registration is required, with limited space, so interested parties are encouraged to register early. For more information or to register, call 857-6444, or register online at (