Fire day for Garrison school

GARRISON Students at Bob Callies Elementary School are getting an extended Easter weekend as a result of a fire Wednesday afternoon.

A fourth-grade classroom on the second floor has been rendered unusable, with smoke damage done to the hallways and nearby classrooms. There is also some water damage from putting out the blaze, including to the school’s library, on the first floor underneath the classroom.

Superintendent Steve Brannan said that there had been students present in other parts of the school when the alarm sounded, but that everyone in the building exited promptly and no one was hurt. “The fire truck responded quickly,” he added.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but the classroom will likely not be fully repaired and ready for use until the next school year. Until summer vacation the fourth-grade class will combine with another. “We’re going to get by,” said Brannan.

Because of the disruption, students at Bob Callies had no school Thursday. They will return to class Tuesday after the Easter weekend and will make up the lost day on April 26, which was a planned storm day.