Emotional zealotry

Dina Butcher, Bismarck

Emotional zealotry trumped good governance on the reproductive rights issues. By not vetoing the bills sent to him, Gov. Jack Dalrymple avoided the wrath of the zealots who are intent on tearing the Republican party apart not to mention the cost they have imposed on we the taxpayers to defend the constitutionality of these overreaching laws.

The legislature by lacking the leadership necessary to not even have these bills reach the floor has also contributed to the RIP of the GOP in N.D. I am truly reeling that Jack signed all three and probably will be consistent with any others that cross his desk on this issue.

Well, in wanting an appropriation added for the defense of one of the three bills, with the likely unintended consequences these onerous bills will have on the medical community, I guess he could veto the expansion at the University of North Dakota Medical School and apply those funds to the attorney general for the long haul through the courts. Why not? Are we having trouble getting reproductive ob-gyn docs into rural areas now? Well, good luck rural North Dakota baby mamas from here on out! Be sure you get to the nearest “regional hospital” way before your due date.

Disappointed! Yes, I am. As a conservative Republican woman, I truly hoped for better, but we lose some and win some. As the ad goes, these bills not passing the constitutional muster millions of dollars! Forty-plus new faces in the House and 10 or 15 new senators without a super majority in either house priceless!