Suppressing right to vote

Marvin Frank, Grand Forks

Dear Fellow North Dakotans,

I am very concerned that some North Dakota legislators that are moving a bill that would require identification to vote. Our right to vote as American citizens is fundamental to the core of our democracy the democracy I was proud to fight to preserve as veteran in Korean War.

Why are some North Dakota legislators working to suppress our right to vote, rather than protecting our right? North Dakota has a proud history of making sure that every citizen could exercise their basic right to vote, and now we are that reversing that for no reason. There is very little evidence that widespread voter fraud actually exists; we know this will cost the state money, and most importantly we know that this Voter ID law will suppress the vote of our North Dakota seniors, young people, our poor, and our disabled.

As an American, as a lifelong resident of North Dakota, and as a veteran I believe this legislation is unfair, unnecessary, and un-American.