Thank you, governor

Eleri Oley Kerian, Grafton

Thank you, Gov. Jack Dalrymple for signing HB 1305, SB 2305, and HB 1456. While out-of-state abortion money is being spent trying to convince North Dakotans that these bills are the result of “anti-choice” extremists, it is really the opposition that is extreme.

Pro-abortion organizations have been trying to distract North Dakotans from what these bills really do by claiming that they ban IVF or birth control. They are also spreading the myth that these bills will interfere with life-saving medical procedures for the mother. They figure if they say these lies loudly, rudely, and frequently enough, no one will notice that one bill simply prohibits discrimination by protecting all babies regardless of gender or genetic abnormalities. Another bill simply regulates the out-of-state doctors who come to North Dakota (to make money performing abortions) by requiring them to have hospital privileges. This measure helps protect women by regulating the doctors and holding them to the same standards applied to other medical practices. Finally, HB 1456, the heartbeat bill, simply guarantees life for a child after a detectable heartbeat; it does not ban all abortions as opponents claim.

Truly, the extremists are those who are opposed to these bills : they simply want abortion on demand without regard to reason, safety, or the viability of the unborn child. This is why a future classroom of North Dakota’s children disappears every week at the state’s only abortion mill.

Our family sends a big thank you to Dalrymple and the legislators who drafted, sponsored, and voted for these bills. We ask everyone to read the legislation, tune out the lies, and thank the hard working legislators who drafted, examined and passed legislation to protect the lives of all North Dakotans.