Confused by Republicans

Tanya Stebbins, Coleharbor

I’ve never been more confused; what does the N.D. Republican Party stand for? I understood Republicans believed in less government involvement, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint to leave more money in the people’s pocket. I get that, but here are just a few examples Republican legislators don’t.

Please note, you don’t have to be for abortion to be against the personhood bills. I’m adopted. I prayerfully sat at my mom, dad, and brother’s deathbeds as we honored their ‘do not resuscitate’ request. I’m a medical laboratory scientist. My opinions about this issue are thoughtful and informed.

These bills are clearly government interference in healthcare. Not unlike “death panels for elderly” fearfully described by GOP propaganda machines. N.D. Republicans endorse wasting millions of N.D. tax dollars, spending years fighting the U.S. Constitution, to ensure government can interfere with healthcare. But they oppose federal healthcare dollars available for N.D.’s people through insurance exchanges. “To protect us from government interference in healthcare?”

The Republicans admit outside interests are ‘eagerly’ involved in their personhood bills, while they sponsor bills to stifle the N.D. people’s ability to refer legislation. ‘To protect US from ‘outside’ interests’?

The GOP caucus claims all life is precious and must be protected; then stands against funding for prenatal care amendments, milk for impoverished elementary school children, preschool, Head Start, and daycare programs?

Republicans promote tax cuts/subsidies for corporations outside N.D., while voting down a bill to place a measure on the ballot, to return a portion of oil tax money to living, breathing, sacrificing North Dakotans. ‘To protect us from becoming dependent’?

I wonder what opposing the elimination of clothing sales tax, or sales taxes on purchases at second hand stores protects us from? Mostly, I wonder who’s protecting the N.D. people from these radical Republican legislators? Elections matter, get involved!