Structures for sale

Ward County Commissioners approved a proposal by county engineer Dana Larsen to advertise for the sale of 19 structures, including 12 homes, that had been acquired by the county following the 2011 Souris River flood.

The homes will be sold as-is and are in various conditions, with one being described as being in habitable condition and another in a near-habitable condition. The structures must be moved off of each lot and each lot completely cleared of everything down to the driveways, foundation, and infrastructure like sewage and electrical lines. All will be done at the buyer’s expense.

Although the homes can be found in several neighborhoods affected by the flood, the majority of them are in Robinwood Estates, west of Minot.

The structures will be advertised for three weeks, according to the executive summary of the proposal, and in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development rules and guidelines.

There are about 30 other properties that are not up for bid and will be demolished and cleared by the county. These structures are either too damaged to be moved off the lot or include hazardous materials like asbestos.

The sale of these structures would “basically be to offset the costs” incurred by HUD and the state water commission, said Larsen.

Interested bidders may attend a pre-bid conference in the Ex-Service Room on the ground floor of the Ward County Courthouse in Minot at 2 p.m. on April 17, and may obtain bidding documents at either the Ward County Highway Department at 900-13th St. SE, Minot, or at their website (

Other Business

– The yearly updates to the Ward County Jail Policy and Procedure Manual were approved by the commission. There was some concern over what the guidelines for work-release inmates are, but none of that was updated and may be reviewed separately at a later meeting.

– Ideas for sand bag availability, procedure, and even pricing in the event of another flood emergency this spring, but very little was decided on now. Some options included charging for what the bags actually cost and a little more for the sand, offer 200 bags free-of-charge to each resident and then approving additional bags on a case-by-case basis, leave the bags out and let people get them as-needed like in 2011. Any charges considered would simply be for the replacement of the bags if more are needed. Should sandbags be needed they will be available at the County North building.