Lessons of Roe vs. Wade

Jan Brooks, Minot

Does anyone in this state remember why Roe vs, Wade was enacted?

Before Roe vs Wade some pregnant females were aborting themselves with homemade methods. Many of those females died, as did their fetuses, of infections and punctured uteruses or poisoning from some of the chemicals used to induce the abortion.

Roe vs Wade provided females with health services from mammograms, sex education, as well as abortions.

It is probably true that some females had used abortions as a method of birth control certainly, but not all especially when they were offered a less dangerous method of birth control. Returning to the days of secret backroom abortions with information gained from the Internet is not a reasonable answer to the problem.

North Dakotans are not mean vengeful people are we? Common sense would tell us that allowing HB 1305, 1456, SB 2305, 2368 and CR 4006 to be enacted might make some people feel superior or self-righteous but that route would most likely take women back to the Dark Ages.

Don’t reasonable North Dakotans want the best health care possible provided in the best environment available?