Throwaway society

Sharon Tranby, Des Lacs

The beauty of ancient buildings visible during the coronation of Pope Francis brings to mind our “throwaway” society and the current argument between the State Fair Board and the Ward County Historical Society. Apparently the catalyst was the gift of a little red schoolhouse to the Historical Society and the pouring of a cement slab on which to display the building.

After 62 years of working to restore and provide and to display a visual history of Ward County, the Historical Society has been told they must vacate the current site. After suffering major damage to the property and buildings during the 2011 flood, the Society members are working to restore the damaged buildings and property. Even in its present condition, it is far from being an eyesore.

History shows that the first building was placed on site in 1953 with assistance from the Rotary Club of Minot. The building was built in 1885 and served as the first courthouse in Ward County. Several other historical buildings have followed. With the price of land in and around the Minot area, the Historical Society is without resources to relocate even if some land should become available. It appears obvious the State Fair Board would prefer the destruction of three buildings rather than leave them on the present site. Then the Fair Board, no doubt will be asking us to support the erection of another “cookie cutter” steel and aluminum event center that has neither grace nor charm.

Oh that we Americans could learn to cherish and care for our plain, functional but beautiful buildings of the past for another 50-100 years.

We must, as citizens of Ward County, let the Fair Board know we oppose their edict. Surely they can spare the measly two acres for history.