Necessary school changes

Thanks to Mother Nature, students won’t be attending classes in the new Erik Ramstad Middle School until November.

According to school officials, crews working on the new middle school in northwest Minot have lost 60 construction days because of weather and weather-related delays. Originally, Supt. Mark Vollmer said students would be in Ramstad when school started this fall. Now, Vollmer says students will begin the 2013-14 school year in classrooms set up outside the Minot Municipal Auditorium, as they have for the past two school years. There will be a week-long break at Thanksgiving in November, and that’s when the move will be made into the new Ramstad.

It will be quite the busy November week for everyone involved, as moving an entire middle school will obviously be a major undertaking. Equipment needs to be moved, supplies relocated and technology prepared before classes begin in the new Ramstad. Yet it will be an exciting week, too. The temporary classrooms at the Auditorium have served teachers and students well since the flood of 2011, but it will be good to finally relocate to a new, permanent home on North Hill.