The week that was

BATTLING POTHOLES We’re glad the city of Minot has pothole trucks roaming the city on a daily basis, with workers temporarily patching the ever-growing number of serious potholes in the community. There’s always been a number of vehicle-jarring potholes in town, a problem that’s been made considerably worse by the Souris River flood of 2011. Nowadays it seems you can’t drive down any road in town, with the possible exception of Broadway, without encountering a rattle-inducing hole in the road. Some are simply unavoidable, given their location, since drivers are unable to swerve around them enough without endangering themselves and other drivers. We’re guessing keeping up with the growing list of potholes is an impossible task for city crews, and the weather hasn’t exactly been cooperating, either. No doubt more permanent fixes will be made when the weather warms up, which could be a while, judging from the latest forecast. Until then, we suggest drivers stay alert while playing the dodge-a-pothole game while driving around Minot.

RIDING THE BUS Preliminary results of a city transit study show Minot residents appreciate having a city bus system, even though some survey responders aren’t regular users of the system. The study is being done to find out who uses the system, and how it is being used. There are many residents in the community who rely on public transportation to get to work, school and other places around town. With the city growing in population and in physical size, maintaining a viable and affordable public transportation system is vital to Minot’s future. Hopefully, the survey, which is expected to be completed by September, will help city leaders gather information that will keep the public system working well into the future.