World has gone crazy

Beverly Medalen, Willow City

Our world has gone crazy!

We can’t buy 1-liter sodas but now a judge decides 14-year-old girls can get the morning-after pills. Then we hear a woman claiming medical expertise telling us we wouldn’t have to give young girls morning-after pills if they could have a gynecologist explain to them why they should wait to become sexually active. I thought mothers used to do that. Now apparently mothers just pay for the birth control because young people can’t control themselves. There’s hope, though. The government will control us with a law then another and another.

So who pays when these young girls need medical help from all this early sexual activity. Oh, I forgot, we now have Obama health care.

But then we need thousands of health navigators to help us choose the right health insurance plan for our family. Gee, that’s going to cost lots! No, no, President Obama says “Forward, forward!” We’re supposed to be positive. He has it all figured out.

Just think of all the government jobs he’s creating to reduce unemployment. All we must do is put our hope in Obama, pay more and more taxes, and he will change the world. The world has gone crazy.