City needs to get busy

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Now that spring is here we need to start cleaning house, starting with the city council members.

When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee and get their heads out of the clouds? We need to fix potholes in this town or there are going to be a lot of alignment bills sent to the city. This is ridiculous! Everywhere a person goes there are potholes, even to mail a letter. I’m sure all the money that was saved from not putting enough sand or salt down during the winter months was already spent.

Ever wonder what some of the city officials get paid? Ask the city of Minot for a record of what people are getting paid. I did and got nothing but a runaround. We pay the city officials for their job, so why can’t we know? It’s our money that is making their paychecks. Why isn’t money that is in the “MAGIC Fund” or “flood money” or should I say “blood money” being being used so it won’t flood again? We cannot take another flood in this town. There are people still trying to get in their homes from two years ago.

What is the city of Minot waiting for? Or should I say the Godfathers of Minot. We all know who you are. Get something done now, not later.