Record sales help Hope Village

Taco John’s broke sales records in raising $29,670 for the flood recovery efforts of Hope Village Saturday.

When Taco John’s advertised that it would donate 100 percent of sales at its three Minot locations between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., people responded with their appetites. The South Broadway restaurant broke the national record for sales volume in a single day at a Taco John’s store. The North Broadway location set a sales record for that store.

“What a tremendous effort,” said the Rev. Paul Krueger of Our Savior Lutheran Church, which hosts the Hope Village campus. Hope Village provides housing, dining and work-related supplies to rebuilding volunteers from out of the area. The village will use the Taco John’s donation to support its food services program.

Krueger said Saturday’s event showed not only the kind of support that the village has been receiving from local businesses but it also indicated how strongly the community is behind its efforts. The wait in the drive-up lane was 20 minutes, and people still never quit smiling, he said.

Mike Sartwell, president of Preferred Restaurant Group, and his daughter, Megan Grundstrom, community outreach director for the company, presented a symbolic check to announce the donation at a news conference Tuesday. Preferred Restaurant Group owns Minot’s three Taco John’s locations.

“We had a devastating event happen and a lot of people lost their homes. We were all affected by it, including my family,” Sartwell said. “But this is our town. We love it. We all came together as a community to help rebuild it.”

Sartwell added that Taco John’s has been successful in Minot for 40 years because of customer support.

“We could not exist without the community,” he said. “This really is the community’s Taco John’s, and we want to be good stewards of this business that is the community’s.”

Hope Village also presented Taco John’s with a flood-related photo collage to hang in its corporate office in Minot.