City, Home Depot cooperate on street upgrade

An agreement between Home Depot and the City of Minot will bring street upgrades to the area of the proposed new store in southeast Minot.

The Minot City Council approved the agreement at a special meeting Wednesday. Council members also approved purchasing upgrades to the city’s computer system. The software, hardware and licensing totals $208,129.

The agreement for the street improvements provides that Home Depot will place money in escrow, which the city can use to pay for upgrades to 33rd Avenue and First Street Southeast. The location is just east of Broadway. The company’s maximum contribution would be just over $1.6 million. Any costs beyond that amount would fall to the city, but city engineer Lance Meyer said the chance of exceeding the escrow is small.

Further engineering is to be conducted regarding related storm sewer work. The city expects that Home Depot will pay the cost of a regular sewer line. If it is determined that a larger trunk line is needed instead, the city will assume that extra cost and incorporate it into a future special assessment district in the Radio City Addition area.