The week that was

HELPING HOPE VILLAGE Minot’s three Taco John’s stores and their customers put on an impressive display of community spirit this past Saturday. The Minot restaurants raised $29,670 to help the flood recovery efforts of Hope Village. In doing so, the South Broadway Taco John’s broke the national record for sales volume in a single day at a Taco John’s store, and the North Broadway location set a sales record for that store. Mike Sartwell, president of Preferred Restaurant Group, which owns the three restaurants, and his entire staff deserve much praise for making the huge contribution happen. The three Minot restaurants were swamped with customers on that day between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. after it was announced that all the money raised would be donated to Hope Village. For eight hours, the customers kept coming, filling up the drive-through lanes and packing the dining rooms. And the Taco John’s employees responded well, serving constant streams of hungry customers. It was an impressive display of community service from everyone involved, including Sartwell. “We had a devastating event happen and a lot of people lost their homes. We were all affected by it, including my family. But this is our town. We love it. We all came together as a community to help rebuild it,” Sartwell told The Minot Daily News this past week. We couldn’t have said it any better.

LEGACY FUND GROWING QUICKLY The relatively new Legacy Fund has topped the $1 billion mark much faster than anticipated. Oil revenue began being diverted into the fund in September 2011, and analysts predicted the fund would have a $618 million balance when the current two-year budget period ends on June 30. Thanks to continuing record production in the oil patch, that included a record of 779,000 barrels a day produced in February, the fund shot past that number in a hurry. Some $80.5 million was deposited into the account in April. The money cannot be spent until 2017. How much will in the fund by then? That’s anyone’s guess.