Abortion discussion

Dr. Jeremiah Glosenger, Minot

Dr. Cain recently wrote a letter designed to instill some unfounded as well as outright false fears in an effort to have people opposed the Personhood bill (SB 2303).

Cain, talking above her readers, lists a number of serious medical conditions that she says she would be “uncertain” and “confused” as to how she would be able to treat the mother and her baby. The bill specifically and clearly states that providers can use reasonable judgment and terminate the life of the child if necessary to protect the mother from death or serious organ injury. The bill stays out of medical decisions other than to express the obligation for a physician to try to preserve both lives when possible. There is nothing confusing or uncertain about it. Perhaps, a different line of work would be in order for any doctor who can’t figure out how to respect the life of the child while caring for the mother or who doesn’t understand the clear and unambiguous exemptions.

Cain asks that “when your life is on the line, do you really want your doctor checking state law?” Of course, we don’t. Her question is suggesting that physicians would have a need to check which is absolutely false. Under SB 2303, your doctor is free to do anything necessary to save your life-and Cain knows that. That fear mongering false assertion alone should be enough to undermine her credibility.

Her letter is deserving of a complete point-by-point repudiation of all her distortions (which I can provide); however, word limits restrict me.

Suffice it to say that there are many doctors I know that reverence the life of all people and are happy to provide care in a state that respects the right to life for all.