A new town in N.D.?

Welcome to Bakken Village, N.D.

There’s a possibility that North Dakota could boast a new incorporated city in the near future, as Williams County commissioners have established a task force to study the feasibility of creating a new town north of Williston.

Four Front Design and the owners of land north of Williston presented the plan to commissioners last week. The state secretary of state would also have to approve any new city.

The idea certainly raises questions and opportunities. The Cenus Bureau estimated the Williston area’s population at around 27,000 in July 2012, a figure that has surely grown almost a year later. The area is the fastest-growing micropolitan area in the nation.

Officials with Four Front Design helped create a new city in South Dakota in 2005. Summerset, S.D., now has an estimated population of about 1,800. The plan for Bakken Village includes a school, a shopping area, a golf course and parks. Supporters say it would help solve the area’s housing crunch, and it would allow residents to have input in how the area is growing.

What would be the advantages to incorporating a new city as opposed to simply expanding Williston? What would be the disadvantages? We look forward to what the county’s survey finds.