Bids begin on structures

At least 15 prospective bidders for flooded structures put up for sale by Ward County attended the pre-bid conference held in the Ex-Servicemen’s Room of the Ward County Courthouse in Minot Thursday.

Many of the questions put forward by attendees regarded the timetable of bidding, buying, and moving the structures from the lots. All of this would be the responsibility of the eventual buyers.

Flood homes will require a minimum bid of $2,500 and any other structures on the lots, such as detached garages and sheds, will go for a minimum of $250. Since the county paid the original owners fair market value for the lots and structures, sales to the community are expected to be made at a loss but otherwise the structures would be demolished, according to assistant county engineer Travis Schmit.

“It’s going to be a tight schedule, I’m not going to deny that,” Schmit said in answer to a concern brought up by a woman at the meeting about the lack of time she would have after notification of her winning bid if others were ahead of her but backed out. The bids must be submitted by May 1 at 10 a.m. and the lots will have to be cleared by July 15.

In the meantime, those who are awarded structures will have to obtain various permits and permissions. If moving the structures to a lot within the county, the owner will have to obtain permission from the Ward County Commissioners. If moving outside of Ward County the owners will have to apply for overweight or oversize permits as applicable and will have to work with the outside jurisdiction to obtain any permits or permissions they may require.

Article 22 of the Ward County Zone Resolution 6 states that the party requesting a moving permit will have to publish a notice in the official newspaper of the countyThe Minot Daily News for Ward Countyat least 10 days prior to a public Ward County Commissioners meeting that will have to be held to hear the request and either reward or deny it.

Moving permits within the City of Minot require at least three notices in the paper to advertise a public hearing to be held by City Council, payment for notification by certified mail to property owners within 150 feet of the lot the structure will be moved to, and will take about 60 days to process, according to Kristina Engelbretson of the City of Minot Inspections Department.

Further information on permitting and movement requirements within Ward County can be obtained by reading from page 69 of Ward County Zone Resolution 6.

Prospective bidders may tour the homes by caravan on either April 22 or 23 after meeting together at noon at the Minot Disaster Recovery Office at 1600-2nd Avenue SW, Suite 27, inside the Arrowhead Mall.