Dodin leads MHS over Midgets

Ban Dodin left no doubt who the best player on the court was Friday in her West Region debut at No. 1.

The Minot High School tennis player dropped one game and trailed in just three games of a 6-0, 6-1 rout of Dickinson junior Lindsey Bakken. The Majettes (1-1 overall, 1-0 region) lost only one set through singles and doubles in the 9-0 win at Cameron Indoor Tennis Center.

Dodin overpowered Bakken throughout the match with a vicious forehand and capitalized on the few backhand opportunities presented.

“Honestly, that’s my game,” Dodin said. “I’m more of an offensive kind of person, so I aim to attack. So when I see that people aren’t moving their feet as much – they’re kind of lazy – that gives me the go to actually hit harder because they have less time to get ready.”

Dodin got the best of herself as she fell in the fourth game of the second set. She had one double fault and missed on four other first serves, but took almost nothing off her second serves.

“I like to go for it,” Dodin said. “That’s usually how I am. … It does hurt me sometimes, but I guess that’s just my mindset. I think that the best players go for their shots and so if you want to be the best, if you want to be really good, you have to be daring enough to go for your shots.”

The Midgets’ top player was consistent on her own first serves, but Dodin’s return proved dominant. Bakken failed to earn a point in her first two service games and was nearly shut out in the match’s final game before Dodin – up 40-love – hit a return into the net.

“She’s got really good down-the-line shots,” Bakken said. “You can’t even hardly really get behind them ’cause by the time you realize where she’s hitting it, they’re like already gone.”

With Bismarck High senior Tyne Oberlander up next, MHS coach Scott DeLorme was pleased to see Dodin intense and critical of herself in a match that was never in the balance.

“She loses a point, she was mad at herself, which is good,” DeLorme said. “You want that rather than just kind of get lackadaisical in a match like that. So she has high expectations and we have high expectations for her.”

MHS senior Megan Sherven and seventh-grader Jenna Coggins won at No. 1 doubles in a 6-2, 6-0 win over Bakken and sophomore Meryl Kovacs. Dodin paired with senior Cally Sessions at No. 2 doubles for a 6-4, 6-2 win.

No. 3 Coggins was the only Majette to lose a set, but the rookie rebounded to beat junior McKenna Love 6-1, 5-7, 6-4.

The Majettes host Bismarck High at 4 p.m. Tuesday.