Alcohol stripped from Williston nightclubs

WILLISTON – Two Williston nightclubs had their liquor licenses suspended by the city Tuesday due to violations of city code.

Whispers has had its license suspended for seven days and Heartbreaker’s will be suspended for 30 days.

“Liquor license holders have to hold an orderly establishment,” said Det. David Peterson of the Williston Police Department. “And their establishments were anything but orderly.”

Peterson cited alcohol violations, including the consumption of alcohol outside of the establishments, as a primary reason for the suspension. He also said that inappropriate touching between the dancers and the patrons was another complaint on the affidavit filed by Williston assistant city attorney Taylor Olson and signed by Peterson.

Peterson testified on behalf of the affidavit and charges in front of the city commission.

“I personally have seen more violations for Heartbreaker’s than Whispers,” Peterson said of the differences in their suspension times. “Whispers had had little to no issues prior to Heartbreaker’s moving into the area.”

The two clubs are located right next to each other on Williston’s Main Street. Whispers has been in town for a while but Heartbreaker’s had a liquor license transferred to them only around the time people began to stream in for the boom.

Representatives from either nightclub could not be reached by press time Wednesday.

“I think this is a step in the right direction for our establishments to clean up their exteriors and clean up their interiors as well,” Peterson said of the suspensions, stressing that Williston is still largely the small town he grew up in despite what images have been conjured up by media reports. “I would like to thank our city commission for stepping out and recognizing that they have to protect the community. They assisted us in that (Tuesday) night.”