Who is looking out for Minot?

There’s so much to be said. The price-gouging, greed, rudeness and the cell phone driving/texting ridiculous.

Who are the people who made Minot and lived here all those years? Well, many of them are gone because of the 2011 flood. The rest of them can’t afford to live here.

What about the flooded homes that yet need to be cleaned up and to those who are going back or are back? Is anyone in the state government or Minot City Council looking out for them?

And, about oil. Yes, I use canola oil. I cook and bake with it all the time.

It seems like Minot forgot about Minot… infrastructure, oil and the roads, etc. About the flood…save Minot? What about those upstream or especially downstream that’s where the river flows. Do we get any help? Or, at least a better forewarning?

I want to offer my home and my land to my friends who can’t afford to live here. Then this native North Dakotan is outta here!