Too many deer create problems

Once more I am suffering a lot of damage to my evergreens from a herd of deer that moved in on me this winter, and they are still here. The Fish and Game Department brought me a little pistol and 100 screamer shells, and that is all the help I have received from them, to prevent the destruction of my beautiful surrounding on my farm.

It is time that all the hunting sportsmen are made aware of the damage they are causing to others, who are suffering, so they can hunt deer for a couple of weeks in the fall. The Fish and Game Department will keep putting hunting ahead of property destruction, as long as hunters demand more deer, and hunters do not care about what their pleasure is doing to us property owners.

I spent years planting over 700 evergreens on the farm so I would have a beautiful place to spend my retirement. I planted at least 500 of those trees with a tile spade and spent my summer vacations here, watering them with a tank and hose. I have put in countless hours beautifying the place and thousands of dollars.

This morning I went out to scare the deer out of my back yard, and there was one deer next to my garage who was so weak from starvation, that he had a hard time walking. I felt sorry for him, and didn’t bother him. I wish all hunters could have seen him. Maybe they would have second thoughts about their so called sport. Less deer population would prevent starvation and destruction and provide hunters with a much more sporting hunt, if they had to work harder to find a deer, instead of shooting them like cattle in a pasture.