Frustrated in Williston

Troy Johnson, Williston

Did Minot just get a tax adjustment like Williston? My lot value just went up 77 percent and my house value just went up 12.7 percent. That’s an 89.7 percent increase for not doing nothing but living here. Not selling, not buying, just trying to make a living. What we need here is another vote to eliminate property tax this summer. It looks like the legislature is not going to come through for us. Remember “keep it local?” It’s not working. Greed is working, though.

After I paid my mortgage off, I thought life would get easier, but that hasn’t happened. My property taxes now equal one month’s pay. I don’t work in the oil field, but it looks like I am going to be forced to, or sell and move.

Maybe the city commissioners keep raising their wages to pay their taxes, but that don’t work for the rest of us.

Twelve percent of my wages now go to property taxes. That doesn’t include income tax, sales taxes, license fees, gas taxes, insurance, and other taxes that I missed. It’s getting to be a scam.

This area is not getting to be a nice place to raise a family because of all the shootings, all the robberies, and whatever else they are not telling us.

People from the eastern part of the state should drive over here and see how things are here, if they dare drive on these roads. People living in campers and cars, rent is outrageous, and the pay is not glorious.