Residents need help

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Wouldn’t it be nice to audit the City of Minot’s books just to see where all the money is going?

Look around the city. Does anybody really see any improvements? There are still dirty houses up after two years. If the city was going to “buy them out,” why don’t’ they and take them down. Is there any improvements for the dikes, about building them higher. No. What are they waiting for? This is a problem now, not seven years from now. We need to look at what we need to get these people back in their homes. I know people who aren’t even in their homes from two years ago. I know landlords that got nothing from the government for their flooded apartments and flooded homes. Why not? I know people who this is their income. So they have to raise the rent to redo them and make a little bit of money. That $30,000 that some of the residents got is a joke. It’s a slap in the face, it’s like saying “thanks for fixing my basement up,” because that’s all they could do with the money.

Some people wanted to retire, but that’s not happening. They have to work until they literally die. How sad. Minot won’t help them. We all know there is money sitting in the funds of Minot and Bismarck, Why not use it? What is the city of Minot and the Legislature hiding? Help these people out, get them back to the house they once called home.