Cleaning up Williston

Kelly Rankin, Williston

Recently hundreds of community members helped in the effort to clean up Williston where long-time and new residents worked together to improve our city.

Thank you to everyone who came out and gave a few hours of their time. By separating the city into sections, we quickly tackled the most impacted parts of town.

Those of us in the energy industry who took part are especially proud to be part of the effort. Hundreds of individuals from our companies gathered for breakfast before heading out to complete our work where we cleaned 35 sections of Williston. Most importantly, we had a great time doing it.

We get involved in these events because we believe in the community of Williston and know that together we can improve the quality of life here. We have chosen to make this city as our long-term home and we share its success with its long-time residents.

We look forward to making Williston our home and giving longstanding commitments to our city’s schools, community efforts, and organizations.