Shirvani’s job review: Failure

What are we to make of an announcement Thursday that the State Board of Higher Education passed a resolution to conduct a job performance review of Chancellor Hamid Shirvani?

Will Shirvani’s review lead to changes in his troubled administration, or will the review lead to an even bigger change: Shirvani’s firing.

There isn’t any way to sugarcoat Shirvani’s first nine months on the job: They have been a failure. The chancellor has repeatedly said he was given a mandate to overhaul the North Dakota University System, and he has worked quickly and narrow-mindedly toward that goal. But his methods have been criticized as strong-armed and unnecessary. And he and members of the board were recently harshly reprimanded by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem for repeatedly breaking state open meeting laws. The violations were not simple mistakes or a lack of understanding, but rather “pervasive” abuses of laws governing open meetings, according to Stenehjem’s report. Heck, the Obama administration might be more transparent.

The board’s decision Thursday to conduct a job review of Shirvani surely isn’t coincidental. We believe a thorough and unbiased performance review can only lead to one conclusion:?Shirvani’s brief tenure as chancellor has been an utter failure, and it’s time to move on. Hamid Shirvani must resign from his position as chancellor of the North Dakota University System, or be fired.