FEMA extending temp housing

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Friday that its temporary housing mission in the Minot area, initiated in response to the 2011 flood, has been extended through Sept. 24. The temporary housing unit sales program initiated last fall will continue. At the same time, the agency is working with the Minot Housing Authority on a transfer of units housing current residents that would qualify for MHA housing programs.

There are approximately 290 housing units now in use in Ward County, out of a total of more than 2,000. Most units have been consolidated to Virgil Workman Village in east Minot. A small number of units remain on private sites, commercial parks and De Sour Valley Heights in Burlington. Recertification specialists will still meet with residents each month to provide assistance and document progress toward a permanent housing plan. These meetings will continue for THU occupants through the end of the housing mission.