At last, relief from chocolate bars

So it absolutely, positively has to be done today? You need a pan of bars for the concert?

How many of us have heard this statement?

The first thing we need to do is an attitude check for bar bringing. It is difficult, but you need to recall the last spread of bars you laid your eyes on. Odds are 10-to-1 the main bar on showcase was a chocolate affair of some sort. Once you backed up and took a complete view of the brownie blowout you realized this looked like a very bad day at 4-H.

Where has the savvy feature of the bar bonanza gone? Thus, my concern for doing an attitude check on the responsibility of “bar bringing.”

When we are asked to bring a pan of bars, let us consider this an honor and also remind ourselves though it may not be the call of the wild, we can inject some adventure.

Granted, we don’t want to go as far as the extreme roller-coaster ride at Six Flags unless we are planning to bring a pan of dump bars – and considering the motion available, this could work. Now the merry-go-round of dull brownies and other chocolate frumpies are hardly delectable. So let us soar just a bit higher into our recipe files, and find bar recipes that bring color,

texture and an extreme adventure on sugar, and bring a contrast to the far-too-often-appearing chocolate assortment.

I share with you three bar recipes that downplay the use of chocolate – and from my experience, what a happy surprise. If anyone asks about your bar-baking handiwork – and they will – let them know you’ve discovered that taking the double Ferris wheel allows you to soar higher into your recipes, and this is the secret to preparing attractive bars. The listed bars go beyond the usual, and once they are plated with the typical brown pals that show up, they will add lightness and lingering complexity to the bar trays.

Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back, because you just turned the chocolate circus into an extravaganza. Soaring higher into bar baking it is a daring concept, but someone has to do it!