Holder’s laughable testimony

We’ll try to keep a straight face as we continue to read Attorney General Eric Holder’s explanation of the Justice Department’s bungled, bumbling investigation of national security leaks that led to the department’s secret seizure of records from the Associated Press.

Laughably, Holder defended the actions during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee this week, bringing stinging rebukes from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Holder said he had removed himself from any decision on subpoenas to seize the records, and said he couldn’t answer other questions about the probe, including if the Justice Department had talked to the AP before it seized two months worth of phone records for more than 20 telephone lines used by the AP and its employees.

Holder said it was necessary to seize the AP phone records because the Justice Department needed to track down the source of an intelligence leak that led to an AP story about a CIA?operation in Yemen. “It’s an ongoing matter and an ongoing matter in which I know nothing,” the attorney general said.

That’s Holder’s story, and he’s sticking to it.

Sorry, but we’re not buying it, and neither are some members of Congress, although Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., defended the action because the intelligence leak “definitely endangered some lives.” Feinstein also said the information was seized to “see who reporters have spoken to” regarding the Yemen issue, but did not focus on the “content” of the calls.

Huh? That’s the kind of political doubletalk that drives average citizens crazy. Of course the Justice Department seized the AP records to see who they were talking to, and to see what they were talking about, whether or not it was in regards to the Yemen investigation.

The incident represents yet another Obama administration trampling of the rights of citizens, and the arrogant disregard for the laws of this nation.