Change can be rewarding

Jerry Effertz, Velva

Growth and progress in a thriving community, very often are both inconvenient and expensive. Such are the circumstances facing the Ward County Historical Society and the North Dakota State Fair.

Having served on the board of the North Dakota State Fair Association for more than 15 years it is with enthusiasm and compliments to the current board and staff I note great progress and growth in the activities which regularly occur on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds. I am empathetic for the impact this growth will necessarily have for the Historical Society to re-locate. However that space is a priority for the continued future success of the activities scheduled at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds.

It is not a matter of how the space will be utilized, i.e., parking, new road, buildings or camping, the bottom line is the space is needed for more productive use.

As a rancher and resident of this area for many decades, our convenience, expenses and livelihood has also been impacted by growth and progress when Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad chose to expel Northern Livestock from their lease. I am, however, very proud of my fellow ranching and industry leaders who instead of protesting and negatively attacking the railroad are working together, looking for alternative locations and possibilities of building a new facility.

The Historical Society would be well served to model this attitude. They might be remarkably surprised how working for a new option can build people’s enthusiasm. Working for positive change at a new location may bring folks even closer together. Change is rarely easy, but when approached with a positive outlook can be rewarding for everyone involved.