Megan Shoal

A bright, shining star graced us for 21 wonder-filled years.

Megan Marie Shoal was born March 23, 1992, in Missoula, Mont., to Mark and Heather Shoal. She was taken from us on Thursday, May 16, 2013, in a vehicle accident in Minot.

Meg was a real character right from the start. She was precocious, independent, full of life and absolutely adorable. She was the funniest 4-year-old! She said so many funny things that her family began coining them “Meganisms.” That was also the year she livened up the local Junior Miss pageant with her own special twist on the “Elephant Dance.” A “Daddy’s Girl” through and through, Megan was a big fan of westerns starting at an early age, with John Wayne being her favorite actor. Even in college, she often called her dad to let him know when a John Wayne movie was on TV. As a preschooler, she dressed up as Rooster Cogburn for Halloween, whiskey jug and all! One of her favorite all-time movies was “Young Guns.”

In grade school, Megan was quite the entrepreneur. She out-sold her mother at craft shows with her various handmade goods just funny little “doo dads” that people seemed to want to buy from her. After she sold an item she might even ask with a smile, “Do you want your change?” Often her customer did not. When someone came over to the house she would get out her foot massage supplies and work for tips. However, if you were missing a toe you were out of luck! Later Megan enjoyed buying gifts for the people she loved with the money she made. She was extremely creative and artistic. Meg was good at so many things.

Megan really kept her parents busy all through school as she was involved in just about everything possible. She was one of the first girls in wrestling and was known as a scrapper in all of the sports she played. She put her heart into everything she did. Meg was one tough cookie! She strived to be unique, never following the crowd, and was well known for her fashion statements. Meg was also an excellent student and her family was very proud of all of her accomplishments. Always an animal lover, for a time she was a vegetarian until she met the love of her life, Colton Hellegaard, and became a mighty huntress! Megan’s last four years were spent almost entirely with Colton. Together they hunted, fished, took care of their dogs, and spent much of their time on his family’s farm. She was so looking forward to finishing school, getting married and moving to the Hellegaard farm with Colton. Her heart will always be there.

Megan graduated from Plentywood High School in 2010. She had just turned 21 in March and in early May had completed her third year at Minot State University, majoring in laboratory science. She worked as a phlebotomist at Trinity Hospital in Minot. She was a very reliable and valued employee there and was proud of her job. She was planning on staying in Minot to work this summer, but was just on her way out of town to come home for a long weekend.

Megan was preceded in death by her Grandpa Don Shoal, with whom she was very close. He surely holds her in his arms now. Also preceding her were her great-grandparents Norma and Earl Holje, Mary and Carl Westergard, John and Tilda Shoal, and Russell and Margaret Hobbs.

She is survived by: her parents, Mark and Heather Shoal, and her brother, Jon. Megan and her brother had become very close the past few years and she was very protective of him. She is also survived by her grandparents, Mike and Patty Westergard and Evelyn Shoal; her aunts and uncles, Carley and Cory Pettersen, Donelda and Dan Buckalew, and Darcy and Rick Neser; cousins, Kayla Buckalew, Dustan Buckalew (Chelsey Friedrich), Cheyann Pettersen, Jaxon Pettersen and Noa Neser, as well as a large and very special extended family. Megan is also survived by her soulmate, Colton Hellegaard, and his parents, Deanna and Clyde, and all of the Hellegaards and Solbergs who became her second family. Megan leaves behind many friends including her “besties,” Kirsten Tryan and Shelby Vogel.

Megan’s light touched so many people’s lives. She was a gift. Though we dearly wish we could have had her longer, we thank God for the time we had with her. She made our lives “sparkle.”

Pastor Mark Taylor will officiate at memorial services today, Tuesday, May 21, at 10 a.m. at Plentywood Lutheran Church.

Private interment of cremated remains is planned for a later date.

Fulkerson Funeral Home of Plentywood is in charge of arrangements.