Welcome back, Wee Links

We fully realize that the re-opening of the Jack Hoeven Wee Links golf course is simply another piece of the enormous picture of ongoing flood recovery efforts in Minot and the surround area. But like the re-opening of other flood-damaged attractions and parks in the area, it’s an important step in the process of returning to normalcy.

The Wee Links course was, of course, heavily damaged by the Souris River flood of 2011, and has been unusable ever since. That will change Saturday, when the course built for young golfers will reopen for play at 10 a.m. An official grand opening is scheduled for June 1, with a cookout to help celebrate the milestone.

After the 2011 flood, the course’s grass was dead. Sand traps were wiped out and the course was covered with a layer of mud and silt. The clubhouse also suffered extensive damage, and the course’s irrigation pump was damaged. It’s taken months of work to get the course ready for young golfers again, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. By Saturday, area schools will all be done for the summer, and youngsters will be looking for things to do.

It’s been two long years for young golfers who had grown accustomed to playing at the club built specifically for them. Starting Saturday, they won’t have to wait any longer.