Williston has bright future

James Bervig, Williston

For the past five years, we have all been participants in the largest oil boom to occur in northwest North Dakota. All indications point to a long-term stay for businesses and families, as well as ongoing national interest in Williston.

I am extremely proud of Williston’s rich heritage. I embrace Williston’s current growth and am excited about Williston’s bright future.

The vast majority of those moving to our region are good people, trying to improve their lives and provide for their families in ways they weren’t able to in other states. I am grateful for those good people who are strengthening our city and making Williston home.

Of course it’s impossible to ignore the reality of change in Williston, but I truly believe that the quality of life continues to improve. Life in Williston is better now than it was one year ago, and life in Williston will be better in a year than it is today.

Here are some quick, specific examples of why I strongly believe in a bright future for Williston.

-Improvements continue on area roads, including the proposed 4-laning of U.S. Highway 85, intersection improvements along U.S. Highway 2/85 within Williston and the already constructed temporary truck bypass.

-The recent addition of three full-time officers to the Williston Police Department and the expected addition of three more by the middle of this year.

-Upgrades to area parks and associated facilities in 2012, along with the on-going construction of a community centerpiece, the 250,000 square-foot Williston Area Recreation Center.

-State oil impact funding, in the millions of dollars, that is expected to help public school districts, emergency services, citywide projects to upgrade water and sewer lines and fund other high-priority improvement projects.

-Ongoing construction of single-family housing and apartments at various areas in and around town.

I believe that as a community we are doing all we can to address concerns and provide hope in Williston’s continued improvement.

Thank you to the many thousands of residents, both old and new, who are working hard to shape and form Williston into the best little city (that’s growing!) in America. I truly believe that we live in a great city and that Williston has a bright future ahead of it.