Minot’s class of 2013

A graduating class of more than 400 students, clad in the maroon and gold colors of Minot High School, filed onto the dome floor at Minot State University Sunday to the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance.” The colors and sounds added to the festive atmosphere that would culminate with each graduate being called to the front stage to receive their coveted diplomas.

Family and friends filled the main floor seating at the dome and entirely lined the balconies on both floors above them. The high vantage point gave attendees an excellent view of the number 13, made up of gold graduation caps and gowns arranged in a sea of maroon, signifying the class of 2013.

After the processional Superintendent Mark Vollmer made brief remarks to the graduates and those in attendance. He was followed by Richard Feldner, a Magic City Campus science teacher with 35 years experience.

“I graduated in 1974,” said Feldner. “It was the largest graduating class in Minot High history. I think we had a few over 700. There’s about 426 in this one.”

The large 1974 class attended its graduation ceremony in the Minot Municipal Auditorium. Feldner noted that graduation has changed in the past several years and has long outgrown the auditorium.

“I think the ceremony today, obviously, brings people from farther away. More relatives and friends come than ever before,” said Feldner. “It’s quite a deal for a lot of these kids.”