Botched robbery at Sidekicks bar

Police were in pursuit of multiple men in Minot following what seems to have been a botched attempt at armed robbery at Sidekicks Lounge on South Broadway Wednesday, just before 2 p.m. The suspects are still at large as of Wednesday night.

“We got them, the cops got them. They didn’t get a dime of money, thanks to our security system,” said Jason, manager of Sidekick’s Lounge, who was present when the would-be robbers came in.

He was speaking optimistically about the situation. The suspects were captured on the bar’s many security cameras, and were described by numerous eyewitnesses, but nobody has yet been apprehended by police.

“It was either an Impala or a Malibu; a newer model, red,” said one witness outside of Sidekicks as police arrived, describing the vehicle believed to be the one the suspects fled the scene in.

By all witness accounts nothing was actually stolen from the business, although they did enter the building with guns.

“They tried to rob the gaming, I guess,” said another witness, an employee, who then said the officers should speak with a manager.

“I think they got flustered in the situation and whatever they were looking for they couldn’t find,” Jason said. He also mentioned that they may have gotten scared off when some patrons returned from smoking outside the bar.

The suspects are described as two black men who left in a red vehicle, perhaps one of the two models described by the eyewitness when he spoke to police.

The Minot Police Department requests that anybody with any information contact them at 852-0111.