Mobile dental unit rolling into Minot

Does your child need dental care? The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile of North Dakota will be in the Minot community to provide dental preventive and treatment services.

The mobile dental unit will be located at the City and Country Health Clinic, in the parking lot of First Lutheran Church, 120-5th Ave. NW, in Minot, June 3 to 7.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile of North Dakota is a fully equipped dental office on wheels that provides dental care to children up to age 21 who do not have a regular dentist. Children who have not seen a dentist in the past two years for regular treatment, unless there are special circumstances, are also eligible. This does not include treatment received on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. Dentists on the mobile unit will see children previously seen on the Care Mobile as time permits.

To learn if your child qualifies for this program, parents are encouraged to call the City and Country Health Clinic at 833-1951.