Work smarter, not harder

Nancy bommelman, Minot

The Minot Daily News did a poll online to see what the public thinks about criminals in the jails picking up garbage in the streets of Minot and surrounding areas. As of May 21, the poll was 87 percent yes. They live better than some of the people that have flooded. If something should happen to them in jail, who do you think pays for it. Our tax dollars do. They get 3 square meals a day, I’m sure they get to watch television, have clothes to wear and a warm bed to sleep in. Look under the bridge and in some cars in the parking lots. There are a lot of homeless people in Minot. The criminals should be out picking up garbage. Of course there isn’t any manpower.

Sheriff Steve Kukowski has to have a budget and stick to that. God knows if he goes over, the commissioners won’t be able to afford something like putting a dike around some of the houses to keep water out. Check out Apple Grove sometime, and see who has sandbags around their houses. You would be very surprised who lives out there and who has their house sandbagged.

We need to start spending the counties money a little bit better instead of throwing it away. We need more jail cells, because we all know if you listen to the scanners at night, how busy the sheriff’s office and the police department are. Ridiculous calls, drunk people, domestic violence, traffic stops, good grief, I heard one the other day where two grown men were fighting over a dog. Good grief!! They go on these calls when they could be doing something constructive unstead of babysitting some idiots! We need more police officers and more deputies. Come on Minot let’s spend the money where it needs to be spent unstead of saying, “you know we should have put the dikes up 2 years ago” or “We do need more police officers. We should have hired more.” Let’s work smarter, not harder.