Jesus is reflected in us in various ways

Yes! Finally, school is out. No more homework or work period! Everyone probably has vacations, barbecues, camps, or sports going on this summer. I know I do! I’m so happy the snow finally melted so we can all enjoy the nice summer heat to come!

Yeah, summer is going to be so much fun, but one thing we all have to remember is while we are having a blast at the lake or reading a book in the sun, we need to keep Jesus in our hearts, minds and life.

What do I mean by keeping Jesus in our life? Good question! Now that summer is finally here we all have exciting plans that we are thinking of, but while we are having all that excitement we need to keep reminding ourselves we are here because of Jesus. You are always connected to Jesus no matter what you are doing. One way to keep Jesus in your life is to remember to pray. In the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed say a prayer it doesn’t have to be long. During your prayer thank Jesus for all that he has done for you, and tell him that you appreciate everything he has given you. Jesus gives us so much and everyday we need to remind ourselves of that.

One place where you can pray is church. Going to church is a good way to keep God and Jesus in our life. Going to church is a very special thing. Church is a place where you can go to connect with Jesus and to get a better relationship with him. At church you can learn things in the readings and Gospels that you may have not known before, and both of them teach good lessons.

Another thing you can do is to reflect Jesus by trying to do the right thing. When doing the right thing it just doesn’t mean doing it one time then never doing another good thing again; it means doing the right thing whenever you possibly can. If you want to reflect Jesus and grow a better relationship with God here are some things you could do: help others, volunteer at your church or volunteer anywhere, pray daily and observe the Lord’s day.

So yeah, during this summer there are a lot of important things going on, but they’re not as important as your relationship with Jesus!

Hannah Candrian, of Minot, will be a freshman at Bishop Ryan High School in Minot.