Trinity Hospital opens new care unit Monday

Patients who aren’t sick enough to require intensive care but who still need close monitoring will soon have a wing at Trinity Hospital just for them.

On Monday, Trinity Hospital will open a 10-bed Progressive Care Unit on the hospital’s fifth floor to serve as both a step-down unit from the ICU and a step up from other units, depending on a patient’s needs.

Lorrie Antos, Director of Critical Care Nursing, said the new Progressive Care Unit will serve a two-fold purpose.

“It will free up ICU beds for more critical patients and provide a more appropriate level of care for patients who don’t need to be in ICU but who still have complex medical needs,” Antos said.

Progressive care patients are defined as “patients who are moderately stable with less complexity than an ICU patient.” Trinity’s PCU will feature sophisticated patient monitoring technology similar to intensive care and it will maintain a nurse-to-patient ratio of one nurse for every three patients, or about midway between the ratios used in ICU and medical/surgical units. The PCU will be staffed by nurses who specialize in critical care.

Doctors at Trinity Hospital had requested this new level of care. Nurses and administrators began working a year ago to make plans, hire staff and establish protocols and admission guidelines.