Snowstorm in Minot area 70 years ago

People may be tired of the rain but 70 years ago in early June the Minot area had a snowstorm that left up to 10 inches of snow. In some areas, the drifts of wet snow were 5 feet high.

The Friday, June 4, 1943, edition of The Minot Daily News reported a rotary plow cleared drifts to open a lane of U.S. Highway 2 between Berthold and Blaisdell following the June 3, 1943, snowstorm that blocked the highway for hours.

A number of motorists were stalled at a schoolhouse west of Berthold until the plow went through. A team of horses and wagon had picked up those stalled along the highway and took them to the schoolhouse. Some motorists stayed at a nearby farm. Those on a passenger bus from Williston to Minot had to stay overnight in Blaisdell because of the road conditions.

A considerable amount of snow also was on the ground in the Ryder area.

While the snowfall was heaviest in the Berthold-Blaisdell area, it appeared there was snow on the ground the morning of June 4, 1943, all the way from Minot to Williston, the newspaper reported.

Although the snow blanket was heavy and covered a wide area, the temperatures didn’t fall below freezing and observers believed the field crops escaped damage from low temperatures, the newspaper also said.